I am getting closer to going live with my store but I have a couple of issues about the pricing I need some help with. I sell art prints in verious sizes. a 6X8 print sells for $2.50 the same print in a 22X28 inch sizes sells for $25.00. I can use the atributes section of the admin modules to input these prices but the people who have looked at my site say the +22.50 is REAL confusing.

Rather then use a base price with an adder, I would like to enter all my items with a base price of $0.00. Then in the atrributes area I would like to enter the sell at price for each size NOT and ADDER Price.

There are two problems that I have encountered with this:

1) In the cart display the price is showing up as $0.00 with an adder of the full price with the plus sign. Is there a way to get the adder price to show up as the only price or as the sell at price without the plus sign?
2) Where or what do I need to change in order to make the attributed selection box larger so it stands out better?