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Thread: shared ssl certificate using a second security folder

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    Default shared ssl certificate using a second security folder

    I know this is a repeat of a problem others have had but I have not seen a definitive answer and since there seems to be a significant number of use having this problem I will ask again.

    I use a service that will provide a shared ssl certificate. In order to use it I must store the files I want secured in a separate directory:

    Normal pages: http://some.domain.com/catalog
    Secured directory http://some.domain.com/secure/catalog

    I have modified the configure.php file in both the catalog and the admin section so that the correct web site addresses are referenced for the secure and the normal web pages. The store works fine until you try to “check out” or go to another “secured page”. Then the web browser will be redirected to:

    https://some.domain.com/secure/catal...t_shipping.php ?lafbfakfkkhhsfa”

    At this point the browser displays the Page not found error. I have tried copying just the “check_out_XXX.php files to the secured folder but with no success. In reviewing the postings on this as well as the other OScommerce site I find the following suggested solutions:

    1. Use a symbolic link to point from the https to the http files. (This will need to be done by the hosting server webadmin I think as I see no way for me to do it from my cpanel.)

    2. Store ALL the files in both directories. (This could get to be a management as well as a space use nightmare)

    3. Store only some of the files in the secure subfolder (No one has indicated which ones, this would be a more acceptable solution)

    4 .Switch service providers. (Not always possible)

    5. Buy your own SSL certificate (not always as option for those of use just starting)
    I would vote for option 3 if someone could only tell us which files we would need to move to the secure space. All you OScommerce gurus out there, how about it?

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    shared ssl certificate using a second security folder

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    If you are on a cpanel server, this should be automatic. Shared ssl is installed using a structure like this:


    And /~useraccount points to your document root dir by default.

    If this is not how your host has it set up, the following are the files to store in your secure dir. I think, ALL the pages used during checkout, user login and signup, account pages, catalog images and buttons used on secure pages, and main includes files. Preserve the dir structure when copying the files to your secure directory.

    Good luck...

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    Default Shared SSL using secure subdirectory

    No my hoster uses a structure like:
    https://secure.domain.com/~account name/SECURE/index.php

    From the second part of your response I gather that you are saying I will have to copy just about everything to the secure folder. As I said in the posting this seems like it could create a management nightmare. I realize I am asking a lot but would it be possible for someone who is intimate with the code (right now it is beyond me) to give use a list of which files wouldneed to be in the secure area. As I said I tried moving the check out files but I appearntly missed something because the "unable to find page" error appeared.

    I know this has got to be as frustrating to those of you trying to help as it is for those of us newbies trying to get this to work. Thansk for your efforts anyway.

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