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Thread: help and a translator needed

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    Default help and a translator needed

    up till 16 months ago I knew nothing about web design. I'm not claiming to know a great deal more now, but at least I did manage to create a web site using FrontPage and post it to a server. The end of last year I decided to get really adventurous and add a long list of products to that site, about 1500 of 'em. This also involved allowing customers (hopefully I'll get some) to buy these products. As I had no merchant number I opted for PayPal. I even managed to understand how to create the buttons on PayPal and copy and paste the HTML onto the relevant section of the page for each item. I even got so confident I had the HTML on Notepad and editted it after pasting it to suit the item. That to me was good.
    Again the site was built using FP and grew to a massive 250 pages, the PayPal side worked and I was as proud as anything that I managed to even include drop down lists where required, it may not be professional, but it works and people who have seen it have all commented that it's user friendly.
    Talking to my host he has advised me that some search engines don't optimise sites too well that are built using FP and suggested I use something else. I opted for Dreamweaver and recently have got a merchant number for ePDQ (that should tell you I'm in the UK). So now I can build my site and incorporate a 'professional looking cart'.
    Knowing I was looking for a cart my host has suggested osC which I've downloaded.
    Having got a running web site the last thing I want to do is corrupt it so I am very wary of anything I do.
    Now for the help request. I use Win XP Pro and have read right through the forum for help. I've read the instalation guide both Quick Start and Detailed but I just don't understand what it is I have to do, or how to do it.
    Reading through the forum it also seems that I need some other software, Apache and phpMyAdmin. Is this right? If so which one or both? Could some kind person also help me at least get started and guide me through the inatalation in English.
    I will say that osC does look a little easier and friendlier than one cart I looked at and after speaking to their Support all I felt was that I was a total idiot and they were really saying this is beyond you. Uninstal and go away! I'm just glad I hadn't paid the mega money they were asking and was still on the free 30 day trial period.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Default RE: help and a translator needed


    If you are talking about setting up a local testing area on your computer and require a fast and easy way to set it up i would recommend downloading the bundled package from the link below.
    This will allow you to test the install process.


    If you need to set up phpmyadmin on your live site then download it from the link below and then just cofigure the config.inc.php file. Put it in a .htaccess protected folder and you should be ok.


    There is loads of suport of the MySql website or if you run in to trouble pm me as i have done it a few times.

    Setting up Oscmax is easy ... just follow the on screen instrctions and the readmes and you cant go to wrong. If you get stuck pm me and i will go through it step by step.

    Hope this helps .

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