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Thread: catalog/install/install.php?step=2 repeats

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    Default catalog/install/install.php?step=2 repeats

    XP/Apache/PHP5 & Mysql

    On installation the link http://localhost/catalog/install/install.php?step=2 repeats without any errors, however the checkbox status inside the page also doesnot make difference.
    I could not track anywhere a tip on this, i would appreciate on support.


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    catalog/install/install.php?step=2 repeats

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    Default RE: catalog/install/install.php?step=2 repeats

    I do not think osC works correctly on PHP5 yet. Try 4.3.9 or 4.3.10

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    Default RE: catalog/install/install.php?step=2 repeats

    Hi guys,

    Yes, it is working excellently with Win2K/IIS5/PHP4.3.9

    So anyone with XP/Apache/PHP5 & Mysql can avoid to try till the osC gets tuned.

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