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Thread: Path to images wrong after install

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    Default Path to images wrong after install

    I am a newbie to OsCommerce and Apache, and have a basic question:

    I have modified the the site and it configured on my laptop, and have moved it to a server. Locally on the laptop the site has worked fine. Locally on the server the site also works fine.
    When accessing the site from any other machine, the image paths are all http:\\\... how do I change this to point to the IP address of the server?

    I haven't modified any of the core php code that would cause this change, it seems to be an apache configuration problem or a site configuration problem,

    what I do I need to do?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Change the WWW address after install

    I am wondering if this is the setting that I need to update, where does this setting get stored, so I can update it?

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    There are 2 file:


    Change all the paths in these

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