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Thread: certificate problems

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    Default certificate problems

    I have installed an ssl certificate on my site https://www.madgadget.com ,the main page works fine but when you click on the others it goes back to http and for some reason my login page gets an error screen ? has anyone been in my shoes before ?

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    Make sure that your http and https directories are simlinked. Your hosting provider should help you with this.

    What exactly is the error you are receiving. This would help alot. We cannot help you if we do not know the error

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    certificate problems

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    When I check your site, everything is working correctly. osCommerce automatically handles switching to SSL when it is needed. It is improper usage to have SSL on when it is not needed (say on your home page or product pages).

    The only places you need SSL on : customer login and customer info pages, checkout process.

    Checking your site, it is working correctly.

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    Thanks guys ,fortunatley I sussed it out and I can see that it makes a lot of sense to only use ssl on certain pages.

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