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Thread: links not working

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    Default links not working


    i am inexperienced php developer. a company has given me the task to embedd oscommerce script for their online site's store.
    i have installed and configured the script successfully on local host. but when i click any links (hardware, software) displayed on the index.php file all i get is the message "the page can not be displayed".

    -y is dat so?

    -inorder to embedd the oscommerce script with the orignal site's store, will i have to change the osc script? if yes, how much modification is needed as i am new to this complex script.

    -is oscommerce's successfull installation and configuration to an existing site a difficult and complex process?

    -is therea any easier way than osc script to make an ecommerce site?

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    It's probably as simple as an error in your confiiguration.php file. When you hover your mouse over the link, is the location in the title-bar what you expect it to be? Do you have a link to the live site, it would probably be obvious immediately what the problem is.


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