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Thread: MySQL? Please help!

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    Default MySQL? Please help!

    ok..heres my story:

    Ok, well I've downloaded Apache, PHP, and MySQL. My personal PHP pages work but when I put osCommerce into the dir "htdocs" and go to the directory "catalog" (http://localhost/catalog), it doesnt lead me to the index.php file, but instead leads me to the folder. It doesnt do this to any of my other .php files. So when I do click on index.php, it leads me to the install page. I fill in the information but then it leads me to "Host 'xxxx(this is my server IP)' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server. So I went and downloaded MySQL and installed it and it STILL doesnt work. Im very confused. I dont think I installed MySQL properly, but I did EXACTLY what all the tutorials said. Does it have to do with a database? Because I dont even know what a database is. Im on Windows XP, but I can use Linux on my other computer if you guys know more about that. Thanks alot guys!

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    maybe a firewall problem? Especially if you have downloaded SP2 for XP which sets the built-in firewall on as standard, try disabling it and see if it makes a difference.

    Otherwise a google search for the error message usually comes up with some suggestions:



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    The problem with the browser showing a directory listing instead of the index.php file is because your Apache server configuration is not recognizing index.php as a valid DirectoryIndex page. You need to edit your Apache's httpd.conf file and, on the line that has "DirectoryIndex" add "index.php" to the list of filenames already on that line. Restart Apache, and you should have that problem solved.

    On the MySQL issue, just because you installed MySQL doesn't mean that the database server is actually running. You need to make sure that it's running so that there is something to connect to.

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    try this


    get the 2.2.1 version, it is a AMP program, (apache, Mysql, PHP)

    after launching the apache module, launch the Mysql-D-NT, this will load the mysql server

    This was designed for windows to skip a whole lot of headaches configuring apache and mysql


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