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Thread: Where to get downloads...

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    Default Where to get downloads...

    Hello everyone!

    I am just visited your site yesterday and like the program.

    I am lost. I downloaded the snapshots. They don't work at all. No database, no installation files. I tried with both version.

    Please direct me to the right place where I can download the real full program version 2.2

    Also I would like to view the dummy installation help sections if you have any.

    Thank you.

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    My opinion is to do the following:-

    1) Only use V2.2 which is still under development (don't use V2.1)

    2) Download th osCDox Installation guide available from this site and read it!

    3) You will find the install in catalog/install (or catalog/catalog/install depending upon what you have done)


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    Dear doug,

    Could you please give me the URLs where I can download that V 2.2?

    As I said earlier, I got the incomplete program from the OSCommerce site. I might download the wrong one. I think, it was a daily snapshot.

    Thank you.

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    Where to get downloads...

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    Default Go to conributions in oscommecre website

    Go to, http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions

    Download stuff form there, Plenty of good add ons.. There a contributions about every day or so ,,, so check it out ...


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