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Thread: Print the Printable Catalog

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    Default Print the Printable Catalog

    There is apparently no place or instruction for a customer on how to print a printable catalog, one would expect to find a print button somewhere on the page.

    Here is how to do that.
    1. open includes/languages/English ( also other languages may be need to be edited if you use them)
    2. open catalog_products_with_images.php
    3. find the line that says define('HEADING_TITLE'.....
    4. At the end of this line where it says ..."current on the day of printing</H6>"
    5. Add this after: </H6> <input type="button" onClick="window.print()"Value=Print>
    6. The line should end with ');

    This will display and open your customers printer program for printing the page.

    Here is the entire line if you want to copy and paste:
    define('HEADING_TITLE', '<h6>'.STORE_NAME.'<br>'.nl2br(STORE_NAME_ADDRESS) .'<br>Email: <a href="mailto:'.STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS.'">'.STOR E_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS.'</a><br>Note: All prices are subject to change without notice. All products will be billed in our shop Currency only.The Currency feature is just for your convenience. This catalog is current on the day of printing.</h6><input type="button" onClick="window.print()"
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