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Thread: installation instruction for Windows 2000

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    Default installation instruction for Windows 2000

    Could anyone let me know whether there is an installation instruction for the Windows 2000 platform ?

    Thank You .....

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    As long as you have PHP and MySQL installed (perfered on Apache - not ISS). It installs much the same way as any other server.... IF YOU FTP the files to the server!!!!!

    Use a WAMP package to quickly install Apache/MySQL/PHP.....

    The trick is if your using LOCALHOST AND running on a NTFS formated drive then file USER permissions (WINDOWS USER security) may have to be looked at... If you unachive the OSC (or MAX or whatever) files out SIDE OF your web root drive then it gets/keeps ONLY that users permissions that was available in that folder (ie web users as a default don't have permission - except in the web root drive). Then when you COPY/MOVE it into the web root it keep the ORGIANL PERMISSIONS - web user can't access the files (as the 'IUSER' has not be given access) .

    See posting here and at OSC about the "IUSER" - do a search with my ID - the same on both forums...

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