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Thread: Install in ROOT or CATALOG Folder???

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    Default Install in ROOT or CATALOG Folder???

    Hey Gang, new user here.... I am wondering if it really makes much difference whether you install into the ROOT folder, or PUBLIC_HTML folder on your server or if you should use the CATALOG structure as it is in the .rar file???

    What are the pro's and con's if any???

    Also, if you do install it into the CATALOG folder, do your visitors have to type in www.yourlocalsite.com/catalog/index.php in order to view the site or is there a way to set it up where even if it is in the CATALOG folder they can just type in www.yourlocalsite.com and still get the index.php page???

    Thanks in advance for your answer...

    p.s. this is an awesome release!!! after battling all the contribs that I wanted and getting them all to work okay it is good to see them all put together already. Great job!!!

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    You can use .htaccess to redirect to the required URL. This is much like if you type say www.onesite.com - your directed to www.mainsite.net .....

    The OTHER option would to make an INDEX.HTML on the main root directory (like an intorductory page or such...) that would have a link to your "store". Or to make it say "One moment while we load yourlocalsite.com -this may take a few seconds on a slow connection. This site is optimzed for IE 5+ or Netscape...etc." then add a 2-3 sec pause.

    Watch for MAX 1.8 coming soon!!!!

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    Default Thansk for reply...

    So from what I gathered it really doesn't matter where you put the install then, if you can edit the .htaccess file to point into the CATALOG directory then it is essentially the same as if you installed straight to the PUBLIC_HTML folder...

    Thanks for the reply...

    1.8 I'm sure is gonna rock, can't wait !!!

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    Install in ROOT or CATALOG Folder???

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    Yes, you can put it wherever you want! Just get your paths right...

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    Quote Originally Posted by msasek
    Yes, you can put it wherever you want! Just get your paths right...
    I have installed it in the www.myserver.net/catalog directory and just put a small index.html file with the following:-






    Whenever somebody types in www.myserver.com they get automatically diverted to www.myserver.com/catalog

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    The orginal question was if some on type www.your_site.com that it would still load www.your_site.com/catalog/index.php......

    Which this does. However IF you want to HIDE the URL - you could try using a PHP "require" to bound your WHOLE OSC site it into a separate table.

    ie: type and would stay at: www.your_site.com it would then load a sing box table that would load www.your_site.com/catalog/index.php......

    I don't know if that would work very well...

    In this suituatuion it would be better to load OSC instead of in the /catalog/ direcotry but load it into root ie: / where you have to remember that when people say "catalog" for contributuions or examples that you change it to be in your ROOT web site directory.

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    Can anybody direct me to direction for modifying the htaccess files for the redirect?

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