Hi, everyone.

Installed oscommerce a few days ago. The latest version that came with the install script. Everything worked out ok, for the most part.

I am having trouble with the SSL links to "My Account" and "Checkout," since it pertains to personal data, i would prefer to have being secure pages. When I click on links I am taken to a blank page, with a 404 error!

Can anyone help. I have posted this question a couple of times at the oscommece site, and have received no replies at all.

My standard pages are linked to:
and my SSL pages are linked to:

I've set my SSL pages back to the non-SSL links, and they work OK, but would think I need to have secure pages for the personal data to be obtained in registration and for when purchases are made.

My other question is about the PHPSESSION that is used with oscommece.
In my links, I see osCID= that show up, while at some other oscommerce sites i see PHPSESSION being used. What is the difference? How is that controlled and where can it be changed, if needed?

Hopefully I can get some answers to this questions so I can give oscommerce a try. Otherwise, I guess my search will have to continue.