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Thread: installing oscommerce on a local test machine

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    Default installing oscommerce on a local test machine

    im trying to locate a guide to install oscommerce on a local pc - so i can test mods ect.... can you please point me in the right diection on this site please. As i do not want to use my real site as it will be site down

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    The osCDox Guide has a link about doing this very thing, but, the link is currently broken. Anyone have an alternative location for the info?

    Thanks! (probably from many...)

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    Windows? Or Lunix?....

    Download a '?AMP' package - Windows WAMP - Lunix LAMP - Mac - MAMP.

    ?AMPs have Apache, MySQL, PHP (and normally phpmyadmin and some time other great add-ins) all combined in ONE easy installation package.

    Install the ?AMP (normally one click - answer a few questions - done)

    Find and change PHP.INI to change:

    Save it.

    Start (or restart) the AMP

    (Your PC is now working as a webserver)

    COPY/UNZIP the osCMax package to the public web directory (may vary with the AMP package - for EasyPHP {a WAMP} the default is C:\Program Files\EasyPHP\www)

    load your favorite browser - like Firefox - type in the address of:
    (or the sub directory of you web folder)

    also try:

    If it don't load - check what the default web folder is for the ?AMP and the all the OSCMAX files exist!

    It is suggested to go into phpmyadmin and setup a user/password (with all setting checked) which could match your "LIVE" site (just makes it easier).

    From there on when every you see refernce to http://<your_site_web_name.com>/.....

    you would load as:



    LOAD any webpages/PHP scripting pages as you like!

    There is MANY - WAMP packages out there - search the forums here for "wamp" for the good/bad/ugly on many.

    I use EasyPHP (a french group) but works fine as english....has a great ON/OFF and admin/status front end.

    There is no other "Guide" needed - once it is setup and running - you can edit the files locally and load in you browser as if it was on the 'net. (internet does not have to be connected at all!) Great for people still on DIAL-UP or have a limited/slow connection. Or just don't want to wait to do the whole FTP thing just to see each change happen.

    Good Luck!

    PS: if you want to use MS - ISS - you could install PHP and MYSQL then manually install/setup in ISS - but there is a whole lot of head acks with that. Most WEB servers run Apache..... it even works great on Windows! (Works even better on Lunix!!)

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    Windows at this time for me...
    One of these days I will again have a linux box plugged into my router...

    I have had apache running on it for some time but have never managed to get php or mysql into the mix. (I use some SSI things locally)

    I never knew there were packages that installed the whole mix of things. I have now found reference to ...apache2triad. I think it was in this forum and mentioned because it also had SSL enabled, if I remember right. I will be checking them all out soon!

    I am sure my thanks are echoed by a number of folks!


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    Hi i just installe easyphp. and turnd on the register global inside the php folder and also in the conffile folder. but i get this error when i go to my local server link:
    FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!

    also there is no php.ini i have php.ini-dist and php.ini-recommended please help me

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    Look for PHP.INI it is there....

    (make sure you can view ALL extentions....if not it will be a notepad or some other editor icon)

    OR start easyphp then click on the "e" beside the apache button, select configuration, then "PHP" - this will load it in your default text editor.

    Find "register_globals" (about line 393)


    register_globals = Off
    register_globals = On

    Good Luck.

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    JPF do you have a wamp that you recommend?

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