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Thread: OSC and GoDaddy's Starfield SSL - match made in heaven

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    Default OSC and GoDaddy's Starfield SSL - match made in heaven

    I want to get some thoughts on this wonderful adventure i've been on for a week now. Everything is fine till i sent the credit card info, then OSC loses the SSL connection and thus the credit card processor rejects the connection. So i think, uh oh sounds like a server issue, and i call into godaddy. That begun a whole series of events, with them telling me that my scripts are bad and i need to relative link everything so it can be called in https. so i do it. all of it. and my site starts going into convulsions over the changes. making a long story short, in the end they suddenly discovered that their SSL and OSC has some kind of conflict, and one of their techs who knows OSC (but of course wasn't there to talk to me) wrote a CURL script that fixes the problem. But he didnt know what files it needed to go in, or why exactly the SSL woudln't work without it. not to mention the script was incomplete.

    Heres what it is, excluding the $page call of course :
     // GoDaddy's "solution" to inadequecy
      $ch = curl_init('https://www.sting-away.com/catalog');
      curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
      curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPPROXYTUNNEL, TRUE); 
      curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE, CURLPROXY_HTTP); 
      curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_PROXY, '');
      curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, FALSE);

    So... If anyone has some experience with any of these factors here, your input would be greatly appreciated, as my site has been down for a week now (investors dont like that, come to find out ).

    Thanks for reading this.

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    Default RE: OSC and GoDaddy

    Simple solution would to move to another hosting provider...But that really does not solve GoDaddy's problem - does it?

    ....I have herd problems with GODADDY before with OSC. There is hundeds if not thousands of HOSTING (ISP) provider where osCMax as been installed and work just fine. There is something with GODADDY that they are restricking or is radiaclly different that most other ISP has caused this...problem... (not an 'inadequecy' of OSC - if there was then there would have been hundred of people complaining....).

    The main person behind osCMax is a ISP himself.......I don't know curl so I can't comment on the code provided - maybe some one else can....

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    Default RE: OSC and GoDaddy

    you're absolutly right that its godaddy's inadequecy, i have given their tech support hell for the last week over this too. here's a thought: right now, my website is selling 2 versions of 1 product, left and right handed. ive been searching for a simple php order form that gets the customers details, and processes the card. i am not going to abandon OSC, however this would buy me a lot more time to modify OSC to work with godaddy, or find another host. in about 2 months time we will have several more products coming out, so OSC is a definatly in the future of my site. anybody know of a simple php commerce script?

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    Default RE: OSC and GoDaddy

    I got the same situation with Godaddy hosting. I spend almost $100 call them for tech surport and get nothing. Finally, I found the fact that the easier way to deal with this is to leave for a new ISP.

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    OSC and GoDaddy's Starfield SSL - match made in heaven

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    Default RE: OSC and GoDaddy

    Remember that cheaper and bigger is not always better. If you have custom scripting needs, like osCommerce or some other script, it is often a better buy to spend a little more per month for knowlegeble staff and guaranteed compatibility...

    "Fast food hosting" Not very good for your health.

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    Default RE: OSC and GoDaddy

    Some time cheaper and smaller is better too... Smaller run ISP like AABOX (not tring to be'little' Michael/AABOX ) can modify/customize there hosting to suit a customers request - where as the BIGGER ISP may have an attude that this is our policy/server setup/the way we do it....like it or lump it!

    I have several websites hosted on a LITTLE ISP (co-located with a great BIG infostructure) - that does not charge more than $70/site (that is per year) - If I need something - it a "SURE no problem", " do this", "wait a few and I will do it for you" or "NO PROBLEM". As for Support - sure there not 50 to 150+ people waiting in the back room if you call - all with the same "canned" or "out of a manual" answer...but if I have a problem they respond!

    "Fast food hosting" - is more like "MASS PRODUCED READY TO SERVER DINNERS/HOSTING" AKA: Saralee/Michaleanas/GODADDY HOSTING - Sure looks good on the box - you have to select your flavor before you buy (HOPE it is the correct one) - ZAP in 2 to 7 minites DONE - NOW what it ACTUALLY looks like and taste is much to be desired.....Can't sub/change/or do much to make it better. ONCE you start eating/using it there is no returns. Smaller portions for smaller meals...It does the job-barely.

    Now take the local "Family restaurnt" call AABOX.COM... Smaller ISP - have to go out and actually FIND a GOOD one (AABOX is one ...) - as it is not in the "big box" food stores and is not on every other street corner/stop light. You have a wider selection of flavors/costs - can ask of subitutions/changes (at no or minor up charge). Take maybe a bit longer and many cost a bit more. BUT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT return it back and get something else. You might get large portions for LARGER requirments.

    Now a "Personal Chef" is more of a decicated server - it come to where you want it with ANYTHING you want - however can cost that TOO...But that is another story.

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