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Thread: Checkout Problem

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    I have a wacky issue. I have this oscmax cart. It was running on someone elses server but not in production yet. They moved it to my hosting platform. I had it running in demo mode only meaning noone was accessing the site except the client and I. We have been adding products etc. Over the weekend I decided to test ordering products. I went to checkout after adding something to the cart and noticed that the credit card option was there. The one that does not process the actual order but just takes the credit card info. After I did a checkout, I go back in under the same account to order something else either during that same session or logoff and start a new session. I no longer see the credit card fields when checking out. I created a brand new account and I see the same problem. If I restore the database and start again, meaning restore the database back to what it was before I started ordering things, I see the credit card fields but again, after ordering a product the next time I login or create a new account and try to checkout, the credit card fields are gone. I have also tried installing other credit card modules and none of them will appear on the page. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I solved the problem. I had an idea that maybe the checkout process did not like the shipping modules installed. I had not installed them. They were the way they were when i took over the site. But I did notice that after doing so much testing that the admin had two shipping options installed but when checking out I would only ever see one. I saw flat rate and i saw UPS. I uninstalled all payment and shipping modules then reinstalled one at a time and then it worked.

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