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Thread: Installing PHP5 reg_global=off, long_arrays=off

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    Default Installing PHP5 reg_global=off, long_arrays=off

    Tried to install by doing the following:
    downloaded oscMax 2 RC3, unzipped
    Overlaid with OSC 2.2 with the zipped register_globals=off changes.
    Changed all instances of HTTP_<name>_VARS to their PHP5 equivalents (I.e. HTTP_SERVER_VARS = _SERVER
    Ran the installation which succeeded.

    However, the Admin screen is the same old OSC2.2 admin screen. There's no login and everything (other than additional 'modules') looks like plain old OSC 2.2.

    What did I screw up that is preventing oscMax from being accessible from the catalog/admin directory? All the files are there, it just doesn't seem to have them tied in....

    Is there a version of oscMax that has the register_globals and register_long_arrays issues addressed for environments that do not have them enabled?

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    Default Re: Installing PHP5 reg_global=off, long_arrays=off

    I think I see what's happened. Some files are shared between the OSC base and oscMax (like catalog/admin/index.php). So if there's not a register_globals=off version of oscMax, how is one to determine what set of files to use in that environment?

    Does anyone have an ocsMax zip file with the register_globals changes?

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