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Thread: Product Attributes

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    Default Product Attributes

    I migrated from standard OsCommerce to OSCMAX... I exported the database and then combined all the info in the new OSCMAX database... All of my product attributes migrated over but they are no longer attached to the products... Is there something I can do or do I need to go throught and reset all the products ?

    Thanks in Advanced!

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    You can't just plug a plain OSC database into MAX - it is missing MANY tables, feilds and many other changes.

    Do a search for MYSQLDIFF here or else where to find out how to upgrade the DB.....

    You might be better off creating a NEW store and start from scratch.

    You might also be able to move just the user tables over and use easypopulate to export your items in the OLD store and use easypopulate to import it into you new one.

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    But I think you can go the other way just fine... at least I am.

    I started with an OSCMax store. Then bought a template which required that fresh OSC MS2 store be installed. I did that.

    I'm using the OSCMax admin, with the OSC MS2 front end, mainly for the availabilty of EasyPop.

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    Neat trick with that... I never tried it, but it makes sense, since we have kept osCMax backwards compatible with standard osCommerce MS2..

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