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    I'm getting ready to install osCMax v2.0 RC2. I read in another post that the latest download had all the patches/updates installed. The latest version on the download page has a September 21 date and the patch is dated November 27th, so I thought I'd better make sure I have the latest download. Is this the most recent download? Do I still need to install the patch dated 11-27.

    After reading all the features installed into osCMax, I'm really impressed. Looks like it will do everything I need without having up install any other mods.



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    Thank you for using OSCMAX! We hope that you will enjoy the latest version.

    Please keep in mind that as with all version of OSCMAX and all software programs, they are always upgrades and bug fixes. You will be working with the latest stable release. Some bugs will be results from the hosting you use or just a simple tweak that you perform. Others are just ones that had not been seen before.

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