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Thread: osCMax 2.0RC2 Security Patch/Update 051112

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    Default osCMax 2.0RC2 Security Patch/Update 051112

    i'd really appreciate a little help on this please, does anyone know if I have to apply this patch after doing a new install of 2.0RC2 ? or does the RC2 download come with it already applied ?

    if I have to apply it, it seems pretty straight forward - apart from the htaccess part, does anyone know what am i supposed to do with it, theres no instructions as far as I can see ?


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    Default RE: osCMax 2.0RC2 Security Patch/Update 051112

    No it just that - a patch - the pach is dated after RC2 came out. It not a COMPLETE package - but just as it stated - a patch.

    This is patch is meant to be uploaded over your existing shop to fix several major security issues in osCommerce/osCMax. It is highly recommended that you update your osCMax 2.0RC2 shop with these security enhancements immediately. A full description of all fixes is contained within this zip file.
    and in the zip it self is:

    Sorry if you don understand the file names but it seams apparent to me. TRY reading README-1ST.txt

    Remember there is NO other BUG fixes in RC2 or the patch. These are in the BUG TRACKER which have to also be applied.

    I know we really need to come out with RC3....(when we have time to permit we will)

    Good Luck.

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    Default RE: osCMax 2.0RC2 Security Patch/Update 051112

    hi jpf, i really appreciate what you are trying to tell me and think we've crossed wires - your answer doesn't answer my question above.

    I do know how to install oscommerce so documentation.pdf doesn't tell me anything re; my question.
    readme-1st.txt is very straightforward and as you have provided the correct files with the patch, is no problem to sort out

    this is the question i am asking:
    htaccess_manually_add_this file
    I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing with this file - I can't find a reference to tell me what to do with it and I can't see it doing anything named as above?

    thanks. ed.

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    an ever better question (off topic from the previous request) is:

    - Is anyone else having issues with the download package? I manage this from two locations, the one I am currently on is Mac OSX and I run StuffIt Expander, which gets partly through the unpack and dies, givng me a #37 error, whatever that means.

    - I will try this home with PKZIP on WIN XP but...

    curious if there is an issue with the package or me, lol.

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    osCMax 2.0RC2 Security Patch/Update 051112

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    If you edit the htaccess_manually_add_this you will see what you need to manually add to your .htaccess file. That is why it is named as such. It is telling you to manually add the contents of the file to your htaccess file.


    Try the tar.gz download, it may work better on mac. The zip was packaged with winzip and may be causing your issues.

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    Sorry - I thought the problem was with OSCMAX Patch and not the Main RC2 distribution.

    In the zip file is a INSTALL file - in it is a link to:

    Which explains the load/install instructions. If you want to have a test system on your local PC - search the forums for LOCALHOST and or WAMP or LAMP or MAMP (Window, Linux, MacOX)

    Another suggestion is to work with ZIP files is RAR

    Which has a command line version for MacOS X.

    Good Luck to all.

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