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Thread: Installing oscmax

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    Default Installing oscmax

    Hey everyone,
    I read the bit of info about converting from os 2.2 to the oscmax but I really dont understand it. Will I lose everything that I have already done on my site? I only have a few contribs. added such as Individual shipping for each product but just want to make sure I dont lose my catalog. Any help would be great on detailed steps or if someone wnats to do it for me for some cash that would be great also!



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    Default RE: Installing oscmax

    It is best to start with a FRESH install of OSCMAX. Use mysqldiff to compare both databases and to create a SQL command to upgrade your OLD to the NEW SQL database.

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    Default RE: Installing oscmax

    if you don't have attributes, then the easiest way to not lose the catalog is to use easypopulate to extract it from one database and then use easypoputate to insert it into the other database.

    If you are using attributes this becomes a stickier issue.

    Additionally, the key problem in moving from one version of an osc to another is not the products (thanks to easypopulate), but moving customers and orders (the order history, unsold carts in the system, addresses associated to customers, etc.). Here there is no real easy way to manage it. In some versions of OSC a tablename that was used for one purpose shares a tablename within the same table in a new version of OSC biut the data purpose is different (these are referred to as "major pain in the asses" when you come across them).

    A key problem going from one version of OSC to another is that the basic tables change (as stated above) so even if you can map the table, it doesn't mean that the values and purpose maps. Add to that the complexity of mods being added into various versions of OSC (from either the users on old versions, or from the good people here at oscMAX in the new versions) and matching tables is sort of like playing tiddlywinks with blasting caps. Sooner or later your gonna lose a finger, you just pray and hope it's only a pinky!

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