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Thread: Checkout Payment Page is Blank

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    Default Checkout Payment Page is Blank

    I'm just getting OcMax v2.0 RC2 with ssl and update 051112 applied up and running. I also had to apply bugfix85 to fix the providence field issue encountered in the change shipping address page.

    Now I have encountered the following as I continued to test.

    One user (existing test account) steps thru the checkout shipping page as it should but then the next step, the checkout payment page comes up blank.

    I created a new test account and it skips the entine checkout shipping page and goes straight to a blank checkout payment page.

    Has anyone encountered this or know of a fix?

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    Default RE: Checkout Payment Page is Blank

    I uploaded the catalog/include directory again and this fixed my problem. I must have had a corrupt file in there somewhere.

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