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Thread: Are there recommended bug fixes on top of "RC2+051112&q

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    Default Are there recommended bug fixes on top of "RC2+051112&q


    Firstly, I want to thank the developers for integrating all these contributions. What a monumental task! The fact that the store is running so well after all these tweaks is a testament to the skill and dedication of all the developers involved. Keep up the good work.

    I have a question about what happens after we've installed a fresh "RC2+051112patch" installation.

    Is that all, or is there a list somewhere of recommended bugfixes to apply on top of that (bugtracker/forums...)?

    Just wondering.

    In the last 4.5 months since RC2 was released, alot has been learned about RC2.

    Close to 50 new bugs have been opened in the bug tracker, and even more on the forums. Many of those have turned out to be non-issues and/or the fixes don't yet work. Others have been fixed but the fixes have not been formally released.

    Are there any known serious problems in "RC2+051112" that should be patched now rather than wait for an RC3 release?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for the great work.

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    Default RE: Are there recommended bug fixes on top of "RC2+0511

    I have also used RC2 for commercial purposes for a long time now and it has been working just fine. I have also rewritten several mods from OsCommerce to osCDox RC2. But when i installed the 051112 patch, i found several new bugs. So i will continue using my previous working edition untill i find those bugs fixed in the bugtracker or until the RC3 is a fact.

    I think the developers here at this site is making a fabulous job also, without them Id still be running standard OsCommerce.

    Thanks for all your great work! =)

    Dixxy, Norway..

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    Are there recommended bug fixes on top of "RC2+051112&q

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    Default RE: Are there recommended bug fixes on top of "RC2+0511

    There are no showstoppers in RC2, just a few little annoyances. And of course, a few new issues were introduced (or re-introduced) with the security patch.

    I have been extremely busy with other demands in the last few months, so development has slowed down. This is not my full time gig, so I do what I can, when I can. That said, development continues, and new fixes will make their way into a RC3 release as soon as my schedule allows for some serious coding time. It will strictly be a bugfix release to ferret out all those little issues that are lingering.

    I suggest looking through the bugtracker at any bugs dated later than the release date of RC2 and decide if the bug is worth you patching yourself from the fix listed in the tracker.

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