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Thread: Best way to set up site for a "Price per Pound" pr

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    Default Best way to set up site for a "Price per Pound" pr


    I'm new to OSCMax v2 R2 and would like some advice on what the best way to set up a store that sells all its items "by the pound" might be.

    Currently, I have it structured like this: For every item defined by "Color" (for example Blue Widgets), I have two optional attributes for "Size" (1" diameter, 2" diameter, etc.) and "Transparency" (Clear or Solid). The user selects any desired attributes and clicks the button to add the item to the shopping cart. On the next page, the user increases the weight by pound under the quantity column that they want to purchase and clicks the Update button to save it. Then the user either coninues to shop or check out.

    I'm envisioning that many users would not update the weight under the quantity column and click the update button correctly without errors.

    In my situation, the weight would range from 1 pound to 50,000 so creating individual attribute values for every pound increment option seems impractical. Also, I'm using the PayPal IPN module and I understand that it only carries over the two already used attribute variables of Size and Transparency.

    Is there a better way to structure selling items by the pound?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!


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    Default RE: Best way to set up site for a "Price per Pound"

    Pounds of an item = each

    When your weighing items for sell - it is a unit of measure(UOM) - like "each" "lot" "box" "unit" or " in your case the WEIGHT - the UOM would be "lb", "kg", "oz" or "g".

    Order 3 pounds - enter quanity of 3 for that item that has a UOM of "lbs"....

    Good luck!

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