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Thread: Affiliate links

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    Default Affiliate links

    I just installed osCMax v2.0 RC2 and sat up the affiliate program. I added a test banner for affiliates, but when you go to get links, the box below the banner is blank.

    Would anyone know what might be causing this, since it worked in the earlier versions including RC1
    Thank you

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    Default RE: Affiliate links

    Can somebody please help. I have a few affiliates now, but due to no links showing up in their accounts, they can't promote the store.
    Thank You

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    Default Affiliate links

    In catalog/templates/main_page.tpl.php

    Look for the following code: line 191
    Where it says '468x50' this is the name of the "group name" when you upload a banner or affliate banner. You can name it this or use the name group that you used when you uploaded a banner.


    <p> </p></td>
    if ($banner = tep_banner_exists('dynamic', '468x50')) {

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    Hi Cisco,

    The problem is the banners do show up for affiliates in the affiliate page.
    The code they are suppose to use for promoting is what is blank.
    So if you log in as an affiliate and either pick to promote the whole store or a product, you will see the banner to use, but the box below the banner where the code is located to use for promoting is completely blank.
    I went and removed the install and reinstalled everything, to see if I might of forgotten a file. After the second install, i still have the same problem.

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    Default Affiliate Links

    Can you post a link to your issue?

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    Default RE: Affiliate Links

    Hi Cisco,

    Sorry took so long to get back to you. I went and installed it again. lol
    You can go to http://www.profoundscripts.com
    sign up as an affiliate and when you click on banners there is one there for the main site. there is not products otherwise yet, since I have to reupload them. In the box below the banner where the code is for the affilate to copy and paste, is completely empty. this also happened when I created banners for each product I had in the store.

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    Default RE: Affiliate Links

    In templates\fallback\content\affiliate_banners.tpl.p hp
    look for the following code: echo tep_draw_textarea_field('affiliate_banner', 'soft', '60', '6', $link);
    and put: $link = htmlspecialchars($link, ENT_QUOTES); before it.

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    Default RE: Affiliate Links

    Hi Alex_crisnic,

    Thanks for the help. found that code 2 places in the script. Did as you said and now everything is working.

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    Default Thanks! and Clarification

    Thanks for the tip!

    That additional code goes inside the php tag, and if you template is other than /fallback, and/or if the template you are using happens to have a file by that name, you need to edit that file.


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    Hi all,

    My templates\fallback\content\affiliate_banners.tpl.p hp now looks like this:-

    $link = htmlspecialchars($link, ENT_QUOTES); echo tep_draw_textarea_field('affiliate_banner', 'soft', '60', '6', $link);

    Nothing happens... still have banners and still DON'T have any linking codes? any help please?

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