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Thread: Wishlist issues - sent email doesnt include wishlist links

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    Default Wishlist issues - sent email doesnt include wishlist links

    Prob #1
    Hi, when creating a wishlist, and having it sent via oscmax the user just gets this email

    "Hi Brian,

    User has created a Wishlist at Test Store and would like to share it with you.

    wishlist Test

    Thank You from,
    store owner"

    Should there be a link to the products in the email ?

    and prob #2
    is if you click on wishlist help it trys and loads wishlist_help (no .php ext.) but i checked file names and its listed as

    // Wish List 2.3 Start
    define('FILENAME_WISHLIST_SEND', 'wishlist_email.php');
    define('FILENAME_WISHLIST', 'wishlist.php');
    define('FILENAME_WISHLIST_HELP', 'wishlist_help.php');
    // WishList 2.3 End

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    Default same problem

    I'm having the same problem. The meail that is sent to a friend has no useful information or links in it.

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    Wishlist issues - sent email doesnt include wishlist links

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    Default RE: same problem

    thank you

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