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Thread: Function eregi() is deprecated

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    Default Function eregi() is deprecated

    I have installed v2.0.4 on my localhost (Windows XP)

    If i open "http://localhost/catalog/" main page osCMax is displaying but on the top of
    the main page there are error messages -repeating the same message more than 30 times-
    "Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in
    C ampplitehtdocscatalogincludesclasseslanguage.php on line 87"

    and last line is an other error warning:

    "Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in
    C ampplitehtdocscatalogincludesconfigure_bts.php on line 167"

    is it posible to fix this problem or do i have to repeat my installation ?

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    Function eregi() is deprecated

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    Default Re: Function eregi() is deprecated

    Thank you for your light-speed answer. I was not expacting such a speedy reaction. So ı am reading your message after weekend. It helped realy and admin login page is opening . Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Function eregi() is deprecated

    time to make this question and the answer a sticky as more and more people will start to run into this with php 5.3

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