I am setting up my website now but am working on payment options. Since we sell a lot of items that go up for preorder we often will put an item up for pre-order and then ship as soon as it's in stock. I know legally shipment is required within 30 days of charging a card. I know a good way to reduce chargebacks and to be fair is don't charge the card until shipment. 95% of the items are expected to be shipped within 2 business days.
One thing we're looking at doing is doing an authorize of the card and then capture just before shipment time. I earlier posted about costs and if I'm correct the charge for an authorize and later capture is that there is a complete charge at authorize time and at capture time the transaction fee is just charged a 2nd time.
The biggest concerns we have is about deadlines. Is there a certain time period after authorize until you capture such as a certain number of days of weeks?
Also, for security reasons, I know at authorize time AVS is used and the card is authorized but at capture time is this done a 2nd time or would that be necessary? Is it likely safe waiting a period such as 2 weeks to capture?
Thank you for help with the above questions.