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Thread: Bought template but no support, willing2pay for fixes

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    Default Bought template but no support, willing2pay for fixes

    Well, Im trying to setup a showroom, bought a template but I'm not getting support so Im gonna write down bugs I have in my site, Im willing to pay or if you just want to leave a tip welcome.

    (Runnin osCMax 2RC3 - custom template, edited language.)
    The bugs:

    1. Solved via BugTrack, thank you.

    2. SOLVED. Custom Template bug.

    3. SOLVED via BugTrack, thank you.

    4. SOLVED.

    5. When I select "0" on display price option in the admin area the price still shows up, I need to be able to hide it. (I need to hide it not to display things like "call for price")

    6. Want to edit (remove links) of some infoboxes (like voucherfaq, print catalog). UPDATE:I got this one ansewered on this forum but the solution didn't work for me.

    7. Account history appears empty after orders have been made while another language is selected, just show up in "ENGLISH)

    You can log in as a costumer with:

    There you have it, as you may see Im no coder and maybe those bugs are really easy to fix, but they're beyond my grasp. Estimates, tips, advice, mor info request are more than welcome.
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