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Thread: Dynamic MoPics

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    Question Dynamic MoPics

    can anyone please tell me why only one box shows up for an image when adding a product? I guess I'm not quite sure how to use this cart I need to add extra images to the product but I only see one box Please help Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this

    I've just installed osCMAX v2.0 RC2 but where I downloaded it from it says 2.0.0-RC3-0-1 and it's not the next version, I've been reading about RC3 fixes the image problem but I don't know where to get it
    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Default Re: Dynamic MoPics

    Please read the mopics documentation. You will upload the additional images using a program like FTP to the image directory with the appropriate filenaming conventions (as defined in the mopics documentation). Then, when the page loads, the mopics module will use the filename conventions to locate any additional images and display them. Thus, you only "upload" one image file via the admin, the balance are uploaded using a program like FTP.

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    In other words, say your main image file is thisimage.JPG . You have to name subsequent files as thisimage_1.JPG, thisimage_2.JPG and so on. You'd only be able to upload thisimage.JPG when you're adding the products, however, to make dymopics work, you'd just have to upload all 3 files to the images/images_big dir and images/images/thumbs directory. dymopics will take care of the rest.


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    Default Re: Dynamic MoPics

    Thank you so much for your responses I apprecaite you all for taking time to answer my post
    Thanks Again!!

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