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Thread: Does download have all fixes?

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    Default Does download have all fixes?


    Am ready to download the lastest osCMAX 2.0 RC2.x and am wondering if the bug fixes are included.

    1. Are they? If not, how many are?

    2. Does the patch download need to be performed on a new full zip download?



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    Default RE: Does download have all fixes?

    The latest download is very stable. I have installed it several times without any problems. If any they are very minor. I would suggest that you go ahead and download and get familiar with the program.

    Read the online manuals, they have many of the solutions for the possible problems that may occur or just reference info.

    Many problems really occur only if there are new features that are added after install, or if they are oscommerce contributions that have to be converted to follow the BTS format. This is in the Wiki.

    They are working on a 3.0 version that will have al of the latest patched worked out. Latest I heard is 2-3 weeks.

    Good Luck!

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