Hello everyone,

I have tried searching but can't find the answer for this. So far searching has fixed all my issues with oscMAX except this one.

I want to be able to combine the individual shipping rate with one of the other shipping modules (i thought that's what it did anyways). Basically either seperate the individual shipping rate on the side and combine it later or add it to whatever is calculated for FedEx/UPS.

I have a product that I have drop shipped. I get charged $45 to drop ship it. I used the individual shipping field and put "45.00" in there. It works fine, but what happens is that the rest of the items in the cart don't have their shipping rates calculated. From the research i've done on the individual shipping mod, it's supposed to add the total of all the items that are individually shipped to the items that have their shipping calculated by weight.

What it's doing now is it's giving me the shipping based on weight, which would be fine if I shipped it myself. I need it to charge the flat $45 on that item plus the UPS/FedEx rate of whatever other items may be in the cart.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it not supposed to do this?