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Thread: Adding Info Boxes

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    Default Adding Info Boxes

    OK, i've read the documentation over and over and there's something that i'm just not getting right.

    I have created new info box in admin; test infobox
    test_infobox is set to active.

    administrator: file access: catelog: store file: select test_infobox & clicked save.
    test_infobox now shows in the list to the left

    test_infobox is included in file access menu and shows active in the infobox admin

    Still doesn't display on my main site....

    any help or suggestions greatly appreciated...

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    Default Re: Adding Info Boxes

    sounds like you did everything on the admin side but not the front end side. You need to create the box in the template folder. Best way of figuring it out is looking at hose a current one works and then copying it.

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