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Thread: Get rid of dynamic mopics

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    Thumbs down Get rid of dynamic mopics

    I would use this software if you get rid of dynamic mopics altogether. It is time comsuming, produces lots of images, hard to use and other things I just cannot think of at the moment. Other mods that osc uses for images is much, much better. Most might like it, but I absolutely hate it and viewing your forum it seems alot of people hate it.


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    Get rid of dynamic mopics

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    Default Re: Get rid of dynamic mopics

    Actually, very few osCMax users hate it. The ones that do usually don't know/understand how to use it.

    Anyone that takes a few minutes to understand how it works knows it is amazingly fast and powerful - much faster than any other image handler simply because adding extra images is as simple as uploading the properly named files. Nothing further ever needs to be done in the admin and the images just magically appear where they are supposed to.

    Removing is just as simple. Just delete the files from the server and they are gone from the cart.

    You can add thousands of extra images to your site in minutes by getting a free file renamer, renaming the image files per your settings, and uploading the files to the server.

    But, it is super easy to simply not use mopics and add whatever clunky image handler you want to the osCMax package. It is compatible with all of them.

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    mopics is a great contri
    the only thing i changed is thepop up
    i replaced it with light box
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