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Thread: How To Use MoPics

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    Default How To Use MoPics

    Hi Guys and Guyettes,

    Okay, I know I'm probably missing something obvious, but how do I use MoPics. I have a product with 4 different colors, and I would like them to appear in that box that says other images for this product, but how do I?

    I see an option for MoPics in the admin control panel, but I see no way to upload multiple images for a single product, and have them display in the other images box. Can someone help?

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    How To Use MoPics

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    Default Re: How To Use MoPics

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    thanks Mikey........I couldn't find that for the life of me.

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    Default Re: How To Use MoPics

    So how do you set number of pics per row in the OSCMAX version of Dynamic Mopics?

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    Default Re: How To Use MoPics

    It's in the dynamic_mopics.css file (the one in the catalogue folder, not the template folder). There is a commented section explaining the details (20% for 5 per row, 25% for 4 per row, etc).

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