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Thread: "Define About Page" Project

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    Default "Define About Page" Project

    I'm exploring the idea of adding a project called "define about page". This would be setup just like the "Define MainPage", "Privacy Page", "Conditions Page", and "Shipping Page" in the admin for oscmax. I'd like to port if for oscmax so that maybe later we could add it to the features list along side the other pages above. I just know a lot of my clients want to add an about us page to their shopping cart and I'm sure that would be similar for others too. It gives oscmax more of a complete sense of full blown website builder too. Let me know if anyone would be interested in helping me with this or giving me insight as to whether it's already been thought of. I figure it wouldn't be too hard, basically just duplicating the "define mainPage" function and change everything to "About".

    I've already suggested it here, but no one seemed to take on to it.


    Anyway, let me know if anyone would be interested in this. I'd just love to see it get added to the next oscmax release.

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    Talking Re: "Define About Page" Project

    HI Allwebnow

    have just posted instructions on how to add a definable page to OSCMAX,

    please see link below.


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