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Thread: Shopping cart

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    Default Shopping cart

    Here is my first post in the forum and as suggested J say HELLO to all of you.

    Now the problem encountered :

    J made some changes in original latest osCMax in order to allow visitors to send
    enquiries (not firm orders ) without any registration ( no password required ) but still using for best convenience the shopping cart. In admin J did set up for PWA.

    The result of this in admin/customers/orders is that J only get the total order
    amount but no details for products and qty by items.Though all visitors détails
    address, phone, e-mail, comments well received.

    J checked mysql data and discover :
    -table orders k
    -table orders total : ok
    -table order products : no data
    -table customers : no data
    -table customers basket : no data
    -table customers info : no data

    J guess that this may be due to my system works in this case without " customer id ".

    Then how to do ?

    Thanks for your ideas


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    Default Problem shopping cart solved

    J switched the file : catalog/check_out_process.php ex RC3 for same ex.RC2
    and now all working perfectly.

    J got the idea when reading a bug report relating similar problem.


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