Okay , after using OSC for two years in various guises, i today realised a significant flaw in the checkout cart process.

Basically, you are asked to provide your credit card details BEFORE you are given the total cost. Utter madness, and i dont know why i didnt spot it before. This no doubt prevents many orders from the wary customer.

so, having looked around for a fix, i cant find one.

Anyway, i strip out a lot of the infoboxes from OSCMax , as i think most of them are pretty pointless, and just water down the pages for search engines. Included in these was the shopping cart infobox. Now, i realise the best chance of rectifying the above 'total before credit card' problem is to have the shopping cart infobox back in. BUT, it doesnt display the shipping price in the total ! so, after this long intro my question follows ...

how can i put the shipping total in the shopping cart infobox !