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Thread: Google-Analytics

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    I want to put my google-analytics code into my oscmax v2 - have read that in osc you just put the code in the header.php - but I can't seem to find a header.php in my oscmax. Anybody knows how to install the google analytics code in a oscmax store?


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    Default RE: Google-Analytics

    If you put it in header php, that has all been moved to main_page.tpl.php so put it there.

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    I have google analytics installed on my OSCMax installation. I've included the Google code in my footer include which is called on the main_page.tpl.php file.

    To make use of GA's eCommerce options, however, additional code is required. Has anyone installed the kind of thing described here: http://www.google.com/support/analyt...amp;topic=7282

    Essentially, you need to be able to plug a transcation's info into a form on the checkout_success.php page. The information in [] is that which needs to be called up:

    <body onLoad="javascript:__utmSetTrans()">

    <form style="display:none;" name="utmform">
    <textarea id="utmtrans">UTM:T|[order-id]|[affiliation]|
    [total]|[tax]| [shipping]|[city]|[state]|[country] UTM:I|[order-id]|[sku/code]|[productname]|[category]|[price]|
    [quantity] </textarea>

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    Default RE: Google-Analytics

    i have tried to add google analytics to my store but im having problems with it and my SSL. anyhow i gave up on that since i am also not quite sure if i want to share those information with google.

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