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Thread: osCMAX + Joomla bridge

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    Default osCMAX + Joomla bridge

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anyone has linked the two together successfully... I have a project that requires a good shopping cart (no doubt osCMAX V2 is the way to go ) and a feature-packed CMS (thinking about Joomla) and along with loads of other things such as blog and gallery.

    I found a couple of bridges for osCommerce + Joomla, but have yet found any for osCMAX + Joomla. Any recommendation?

    Also, would the osCommerce + Joomla bridge works for osCMAX V2 + Joomla?

    Many thanks in advance !

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    Default RE: osCMAX + Joomla bridge

    More than likely it would - but it would depend on which files it need to modify in OSC/OSCMAX. It would be best to issolate all changes required to OSC (compare to a plain OSC version and fully comment changes and the orginal code) then see about where the changed code is in MAX and how modified it is from the orginal code.

    No idea about Joomla, but anything for OSC came be done for OSCMAX.

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    Default RE: osCMAX + Joomla bridge

    Joomla has a very good shopping cart syustem available for it as a plug in.

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    Thanks for your help !



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