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Thread: Product Attributes Mod?

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    Default Product Attributes Mod?

    Im running a small store in which and I was wondering if anyone knows or can suggest a mod for Product Attributes, Im looking for something like this.

    Color: <dropdown box i.e Black> <picture>

    The picture would need to update each time the user chooses a new product attribute and the image could be clicked to enlarge into a new popup. I tryed
    to add this contrib:

    "Attribute Info"

    Yet to no avail. If anybody has any suggestions for a mod or knows how to implement this your help is greatly appericated. Thanks again.

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    Default RE: Product Attributes Mod?


    1) when loading product_info.tpl.php call a module that gets images for the selections and preloads them into a set of hidden <div> with the div id= the value of the select statement
    2) write a javascript routine that is called when the select is used that displays the div next to the select for the value of the select statement

    There are a few details that have to be worked out like displaying the correct initial div when the page loads, but those are minor implementation issues.

    I don't know anyone who is currently doing this, but it is possible. try getafreelancer or rentacoder for a person that knows sql, javascipt, php, dhtml and css. They don't need to know osc for this (nice, but not necessary).

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