Hi All,

I would like to present a specific product image after a number of attributes have been chosen for a product.

As an example, if I sell cars, I click on a basic car model in white colour which will give the user a picture of the car and a list of attributes to choose from (normal product description). The user now chose from the colour attributes list, let’s say that the user would like to have a red car, and picks red. Is it possible at this stage to update the product image to display a red car? If not, is it possible to display an image of the red car in the basket, after the user has clicked on “Add to Cart”? The default configuration will show the same picture all the way through the checkout.

I am not sure if this functionality exists, or how difficult it would be to implement, but the shopping experience for the user would be greatly improved if it was possible to show the user the configuration of his/her product choices.

Would appreciate help and comments on this feature.