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Thread: "Price" and "Add to Cart" button inside

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    Default "Price" and "Add to Cart" button inside

    THE GOAL: I'm having trouble with a project I'm working on. The project is a music store which sell's legal mp3s downloads targeting a small genre of music that isn't big enough for itunes but has the copyright permissions to sell music on a separate website. I have a product (a cd) setup. Inside the product description using the wysiwyg editor from the admin, I create a table with all the tracks of the cd.

    Because we are offering both the entire CD and individual track downloads, I don't want the product price and add to cart buttons to appear in their default locations as this will make the product listing confusing. Instead, I need these items to appear inside the product description in their appropriate table cells. I want to have a table setup where the first column is the "add to cart" button, the next is the price, and the following is either the CD title or the individual track name.

    THE PROBLEM: I found the pieces of php code from the product_info.tpl.php that inserts the price and "add to cart" buttons on the page; however, when I copy this code into the wysiwyg in the admin, the wysiwyg goes and removes that php code completely. I need to have these items appear so that there is some text describing the product, a custom table listing each track, a listing of the dynamic price of the CD as stored in the admin, and then followed by more text. I also need the admin to continue functioning as the people who will eventually be updating the site are not computer savvy -- so disabling the product wysiwyg and entering the code straight into phpmyadmin is not an option.

    Can anyone please help me? The bundled products mod would have been great for this, but seeing as it is not supported I'm trying to hack my way around the problem.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

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    "Price" and "Add to Cart" button inside

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    Default RE: "Price" and "Add to Cart" button ins

    You cannot use the wysiwyg editor for php, only html. You may be able to do it by adding the html/php in code view mode...

    If that does not work, you may need to recode the product_info.tpl.php template, as what you are trying to do is a code based change in the php and is not supported by osC by default.

    You may want to look at the contributions section at osCommerce.com to see if someone has already created a mod that does what you want.

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    Default RE: "Price" and "Add to Cart" button ins

    What you MIGHT want is to set everything (track) up an attrib - each one as it's own song/track - with the FIRST one the "whole CD" or "ALL TRACKS" - no base price except for the attribs....???
    Might work??

    Good Luck

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    Default RE: "Price" and "Add to Cart" button ins

    Thanks for the replies!


    I like your idea and that is actually something I wanted to do, but how can I allow people to order individual tracks when the checkbox option for product attirbutes is no longer supported? The combo box just doesn't work in this scenario. I've read from Msasek that the checkbox option was undone for some other mod. Is there a way I can remove that mod so I can get the checkboxes working again? I'm not afriad to modify the OSCMAX code (I've already been doing that to work towards an XHTML compliant version for myself). Do you know what I would need to do to get the checkboxes back?


    Edit: The only downside to this approach would be in order to have individual track names, I would have to setup just as many attribute options as I would attributes for the individual tracks. Considering we're over 100 CDs already, that's quite a lot. Hmm... not sure what to do...

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