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Thread: Change Create Order Text "Réduction" and "Li

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    Default Change Create Order Text "Réduction" and "Li


    When I click on "create order" in admin and then select the customers details and click on submit/confirm I am taken to another page called edit_orders.php. In this section there is a part called "Discount, Shipping and Total". Under this it has "Réduction" and "Livraison". Can anyone tell me where I can change these to say "Reduction/Discount and Delivery.

    Also there is a part that has Sous-Total and TVA that I would like to change.

    If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

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    Default RE: Change Create Order Text "Réduction" and &quo

    Some file (contribution?) is not using the language files.

    in admin\create_order_process.php about line 106/115/133 change from French to English (really should be set in a language file)

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    Thanks for your help jpf!

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    Unfortunately the Manual order entry contributuin is not written with full language support yet. When a fixed version is released it will be incorporated...

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