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Thread: Modified Authorizenet cc aim files

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    Default Modified Authorizenet cc aim files

    I modified the Authorizenet cc aim files that are included in the new versions of osCMax to include some of the functions of the module that was include in RC2 and RC3. It has the dynamically generated cc icon that are selected when installed in the admin section as before and they now show on the payment screen and the order confirmation screen. I also added the modification to add the invoice number to the transmitted so the invoice number is also on the email copy of the cc authorization which was not in the modules previously in Max. It also includes the SSLv3 line in Curl options. One last thing is the popup link for cvv.html was added in also. Probably could be done better and I might pursue making a tooltip popup with just the images using jQuey since it's already loaded into 2.1 but I wasn't successful with any of the small tooltip files and didn't want to get carried away.

    This is working on my live site.
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    Default Re: Modified Authorizenet cc aim files

    I made a couple of changes and realized I didn't mention the javascript that needs to be in the head tag. First, thee is a IMHO much better pic to use which is cvv2.gif and you could convert it to jpg for a smaller file. Anyway, if you want to change to it in cvv.html change the lines with the table info to
    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse" bordercolor="#111111" width="600" id="AutoNumber1">
        <td align="center" valign="middle"><img src="images/cvv2.gif" width="600" height="354"></td>
    Second, you need to have the javascript in your head tag. The easiest way is to put it in your main_page.tpl.php. Now, this code is configured for cvv2.gif because the dimension are different but you should get the picture. No pun intended.
    <script type="text/JavaScript"><!--
      function CVVPopUpWindow(url) {

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