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Thread: install script NOT THERE!!

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    Default install script NOT THERE!!

    I'm following the instructions and it's telling how to run the install script:

    NOTE: The install script is run by opening a web browser and typing in the url: http://yourserver.com/catalog/install/

    I do not have an /install/ folder!! I unzipped everything and check again. I just do not see it!!

    What am I doing wrong???

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    Interesting.... I'm on a Windows development box, and I had been originally downloading the Linux version of the download files: oscommerce-2.2ms2.tar.gz. and the /install directory was not there!!

    I went back and downloaded the windows version: oscommerce-2.2ms2.zip, expanded the zip file and the /install file is there now!!! What's up with that??

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    install script NOT THERE!!

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    I can assure you that the zip and tarball ALWAYS have the install folder. That is the way they are packaged.

    The problem is most likely the application you were using to decompress the archive.

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    Hmmmm.... I used Stuffit for Windows to unzip.

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    Perhaps in the config of that program it is selected NOT to "receate" directory structure. If it did not create ANY subdirectories (all files in ONE listing) then this is your problem.

    I use (among other) WinRAR (noncrippled unlimited use shareware)- alows to browse the WHOLE archive like WINDOWS EXPLORER - (without uncompressing the whole thing first) including going back out of the archive and browse the whole drive.... Also can read ZIP, CAB and ISO (CD/DVD/Hard drive-Images) files.

    Some packages will archive it in somthing like "/oscommerce-2.2ms2/catalog/install" but it is there if you look - or the archive is invaild/corrupt/incomplete/download error.

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