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Thread: trouble registering new accounts

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    Default trouble registering new accounts


    I'm new to the forums and new to OS Commerce and MS2-Max and am working on setting up a new site for my business. I had been developing a php cart from scratch but I stumbled upon OS Commerce and then MS2-Max and while they don't do everything I need these are GREAT TOOLS and I'd love to use these and save myself some time and headache.

    I do have one problem though. I haven't gotten into modifying any code really yet, just modified the header and the footer is all really, so the installation should be identical to a default install for the most part. I have duplicated the problem with both OSCommerce and MS2-Max.

    After setting up the site w/ SSL enabled, and sessions stored to MySQL, ocassionaly I have trouble registering a new account. Sometimes things work fine and sometimes they don't. The problem I get is after entering all of the user information, I am presented with the same registration page again with all the fields blank. If I hit refresh in IE and select to post the form data again from this point the account is created successfully, even though the form is blank, or if I fill out the form and submit again it usually goes through successfully at this point as well.

    This is not a consistent problem, sometimes I can register new accounts with no problems whatsoever and sometimes this occurs. I have had the best luck duplicating this product by first adding an item to the cart and registering an account before checkout, and entering all fields in the account creation form (Business Name, Fax, etc). Again sometimes it works without problem, sometimes I get the blank form again and after I fill it out again or hit refresh it usually works.

    The problem seems to be occuring on line 182 of create_account.php after the following code is executed:

    tep_db_perform(TABLE_CUSTOMERS, $sql_data_array);

    But I am a php novice and am not entirely sure this is the case, just my best guess so far as to where things go wrong.

    When the problem is occuring and I am presented with the login form again, no information had been submitted to the DB, so the form had submitted but for some reason I am being bounced back to the registration page.

    My site is here:


    The site is a mess right now really as I'm just getting started on things, none of the links up top or on the side work yet really, other than the manufacturers drop down, search box, and categories listing at the bottom right.

    I have had the best luck duplicating the problem by taking the following steps:

    1) Go to http://new.redrock4x4.com/catalog

    2) Click to create an account from the default introduction text (the ssl certificate will pop up a warning, accept this as it is for www.redrock4x4.com not new.redrock4x4.com)

    3) Register a new account

    About 95% of the time the setup succeeds, so if you try this you may need to run it through a dozen times or so with different information, but it unfortunately does continue to stop working on a pretty regular basis so I feel it is a problem that needs to be figured out if I am to use this cart.

    One thing I've noticed that may or not be related that causes the problem to occur, is if I enter the phone number in a normal format 555-555-5555 and then the fax w/o dashes like so 5555555555 it seems to occur more likely than not, however this could just merely be a concidence. It will still work with the numbers in a different format most of the time too.

    Thanks in advance for any help you are able to offer, if you need any information on my configuration please let me know and I'll be glad to post whatever is necessary to troubleshoot this.

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    trouble registering new accounts

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    This is not a MAX problem. It is a problem with your server or setup somewhere. What is your server info: versions of PHP, MySQL, Apache, OS and version. That is a good place to start.

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    Thanks for the quick reply, here is my server info:


    PHP 4.3.4
    MySQL 4.0.15
    Apache 1.3

    However rather than go into that right now, I did want to share what I have come up with since posting this. I noticed my current ordering system started acting up today sending blank posts when submitting a form over ssl, and if I refreshed the post would go through. I also recalled coming across an email from my hosting company mentioning a new bug with IE:


    We have just discovered that after recent Internet Explorer patches
    released through Microsoft Windows Update, a bug has been introduced into
    the Internet Explorer 6.x web browser.

    The nature of the bug is the inability of the browser to cope with webserver KeepAlives when communicating over the SSLv3 protocol. This results in intermittent loss of communication between browser and server when the browser sends a POST request to the server (when the visitor clicks a form Submit button). The browser bug causes an empty submission to the server, that is, the server receives no information from the browser.

    This bug is intermittent, happening only to 1/50 or 1/100 of all POST requests. A REFRESH after a failed POST can succeed in actually sending the data.

    This bug only affects Internet Explorer browsers that have updated with
    Microsoft's most recent patches relating to SSLv3:


    The Bug does NOT affect users of Netscape, Mozilla, Galleon, curl, lynx, Opera or any other browser.

    We are writing to let you know that we are aware of the problem, and that
    although it is a problem caused by a bug in Internet Explorer, we are
    doing everything we can to alleviate the problem to prevent the bug from
    manifesting itself to your site visitors who happen to be using the broken
    version of IE.

    Allen Lee
    Modwest, Inc.
    Get answers at http://www.modwest.com/help/

    It appears to be a problem with IE 6 after Microsoft's latest security update sending no info at all when you post a form over SSL, and happens very sporadically. I should have known better, whenever there's a problems it's always a safe bet to point the finger at good ole MS . I have been testing in Netscape and have yet to notice the problem.

    I do need to ask this though to be safe; for those of you more familiar with the coding of these carts, if a blank post was submitted through the account creation script, does this sound like what the default response would be (to return the user to the register account screen again w/ all fields blank)?

    And obviously for those of you out there who have not yet applied the latest updates to IE you may want to consider holding of on those for a bit

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    Hi, I've had a somewhat similar problem. Can't register ANY new accounts. About your site: I'm using Safari on Mac OS X 10.3; had no problem registering on your RedRock site.

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    I too have just spent my afternoon and evening wrestling over a login that doesn't work -- only refreshes the page. Finally, I discover this post and try other browsers besides Internet Explorer. Magic! They all work perfectly.

    Funny thing is that it worked in IE before I reinstalled MS2-MAX this afternoon (to get the SSL up and running). Does anyone have insight into this? IE is most of the users out there! If my site doesn't work on IE, it might not really be worth much...

    Help! Help!

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    Okay -- correction. It's only an issue on IE for Macintosh! This is good. Except it's even harder to speculate why it's happening. Especially since it's been working for months now (before my reinstall yesterday).

    The site is http://www.petstop1.com/ecom/catalog/

    Are others with a Mac and IE able to get in?

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