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Thread: PayPal IPN

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    Default PayPal IPN

    I currently have two PayPal IPN mods available. The one that ships with OscMAX and another one.

    The one that ships with OscMAX doesn't work properly. The information gets passed to PayPal, but it does not get passed back (I get blank orders and have to go chasing up PayPal).

    The other one mostly works but does not take the items out of the cart unless the customer returns to the site (Pay -> Continue). Also, the mod never changes from Preparing to processing even when a customer does return.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?


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    PayPal IPN

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    Default RE: PayPal IPN

    Actually, the mod included with max does work, you simply do not have it setup properly. I have never had any issues with it, although many have had problems due to improper setup. I suggest you update to the latest 3.0a mod or the 1.0 IPN mod from osCommerce dev team. Both are less quirky than the mod included in osCMax v1.7.

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    Default RE: PayPal IPN

    The mod included the osCMax Does not work properly with paypal. The problem is between the option_type contribution and paypal. the current paypal mod only allows you to use 2 option attributes, and the text box functions don't work with paypal either. You simply recive the word TEXT. I have read everything on IPN setup then I can find in the 30 hours ive researched and still havent been able to fix this same problem.

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    Default RE: PayPal IPN

    I have installed the 1.1 (from OsCommerce Milestone 2.2) PayPal module, and it seems to be working. Look for my post of 7/10 for summary of method (as I also am guilty of not finishing my homework in WiKi)

    Question: In store Admin, under Customers:PayPal IPN... always shows 0/0 . What is this for, management of something Important, I presume.

    When the IPN does come back with a purchase that was paid for, and both the Store PP account and the Customer PP account reflect payment made, the order is Status Pending. I am trying to understand how to tell in OSCMax, that the money has changed hands?

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