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Thread: Manual Orders

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    Default Manual Orders

    Trying to install the osCommerce contribution "Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry". The problem is that the confirm details button on the create_order.php page causes a redirection to the Admin login page.

    The redirection is being caused by function tep_admin_check_login but I don't understand why. Has anyone else got this contribution to work with oscMAX?

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    It was due to a parameter in function tep_href_link in the redirection being set to SSL, when set to NONSSL it worked ok. SSL in Admin seems to be causing a problemwith shared SSL.

    Another problem I've had is when running the admin site locally on IIS5 I constantly get redirected to the login screen.

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    This seems to be a common problem with IIS5. I am having the same problem and there seems to be a problem in the way IIS5 handles the session id. It just forgets that one hasa been set on redirect so it creates a new one. I've been hunting a fix for 2 weeks now and getting nowhere.

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    Interesting to know others are having the same issue. I'm in the middle of setting up Apache on Win2k3. I haven't tried the same scenario on IIS6.

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