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Thread: not able to delete GV pages header images

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    Default not able to delete GV pages header images

    I just installed aabox max.....deleted the header images ( shoppng cart, my account etc)...everthing went fine except that these images still show up on gift voucher pages.....how can i delete these images...any ideas?
    thanks for your help

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    I have also noticed that default.php has registered no changed that I have made through main_age_tpl...what could cause this.?

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    not able to delete GV pages header images

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    There isnt a 'default.php' in MS2-MAX.

    Are you referring to index.php?

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    thanks msasek!

    I was indeed referring to default.php.Actually, i have 2 sites hosted under same account. The ist site is based on MS1. I upload your loaded MS2 version into a folder on the previous site...looks like files are getting mixed up....
    However, do you think GV page problems could be due to this as well?

    I appreciate your help

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